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Dec. 21th 2011

due to a late cancelation we have
a blk & tan male
and a blond bitch available for the right home, it would be appreciated , if in additional they would been shown, too !

durch einen späten Rücktritt haben wir
eine blonde Hündin und einen Blk & Tan Rüden von 11 Wochen für die richtigen Leute abzugeben. Wir würden uns freuen, wenn sie dann auch noch ausgestellt werden würden, ist aber nicht Bedingung.



Hashirin´s Louis XIV
Hashirin´s Le Voltaire
Hashirin´s L´Esprit VIF
Hashirin´s Le Corbusier
  Hashirin´s La Toya
Hashirin´s Lollobrigida
Hashirin´s Letizia
Hashirin´s La Bardot
Nov. 30th 2011
Puppies got their individual sites
Nov. 8th 2011
Gracie´s site updated

Nov. 1st 2011


Nov. 1st 2011
Dulcy´s site


Sept. 30th 2011

Our L-Litter arrived, 4 boyz and 4 girls.

Updated Maggy´s page
Hashirin’s Image Seven Veils
Sept. 19th 2011
Kijimea "Diggy" found her home with Family Knöller, we allready know, that she has sattled in very nicley. We, as well as Family Knöller are very satisfide with their decission. Diggy is willing to fill the Space, Bhagwati has left. Sept. 17th 2011
Finaly we made it ! Daruma`s Educinea arrived save and sound in Thaleischweiler
She is such a sweetheart, and to make joy and fun is her job here, and she realy do a good job!
Thank you to Iren and Heidi Rohrer for such a sweetheart !

Sept. 3rd 2011
Daruma`s Educinea


August 2011 was a so sad month for us, we hardly learnd that
has lost his battle to cancer in July, Sultan was loved and owned by Frau Braun from 9 weeks old baby.
Samba died very unexpected on August 21st. Samba was loved, well entertained and adored by Nina Taskila/Finnland also from her 9th week of life. Samba brought up the wonderful friendship with Nina and and we realy where blessed with our "great girl" !
Dusty left unexpected after a short suffering on July 6th. Dusty was loved and owned by Family Kinne.
Sati Begum Sati passed away on August 4th. Sati was re-placed after we got her back and she was wonderful cared and loved by Frau Friedrichs.
Bhagwati gone over the Rainbowbridge on September 4th. Baggy was also re-placed after her first owner, Frau Heckmann died, she found her home with Family Knöller.
Baggy Baghira died on 08. May. Baggy lived with her owners since babyhood and was loved and owned by Family Orth.
the 3 girls from B-Litter reached an reasonable age of 12 1/2 and 12 3/4 years.

We are grieving with their owners and we say thank you for the wonderful home, the care and the love they all gave to those beloved dogs we bred.

! T H A N K YOU All SO M U C H for the wonderfull care !

July/August 2011

August 2nd 2011

while her sister Gracie turn into a Champion we skip the hunt of CAC for Maggy`s Championship
quiete a while, as we desided to bring her to motherhood first
we keep her in coat ;-)

July 31st 2011
Gracie fullfilled the rules
for the Danish Championship in

Mrs Marit Sunde
and is now:

Ch. Hashirin’s
Inshallah Seven Times

July 10th 2011
Herr Alfred Scholz

Karman Ghia

Danke an
Frau A. Heydrich
für die tollen Bilder

more so bad news / traurige Nachricht
Sadly we have learn that Sultan lost his battle against Cancer
"Sultan" left in the arms of his owner peacefully, Rest in Peace sweet boy !
Thank you so much to his owner, Mrs. Braun for the wonderful care for that sweetheart!
Middle of July 2011
Sadly we have learn that there is no Dolche Vita anymore
"Dusty" left us in the arms of his owner peacefully, Rest in Peace sweet boy !
July 06th 2011
Trautskirchen, June 25th 2011, Richterin/Judge Mrs. Peschges
V1 VDH RCAC Hashirin’s Khan Khedive, V1 VDH RCAC Hashirin’s Karman Ghia
Herzlichen Dank an Frau Peschges für die positive Bewertung,
beide Hunde haben einen exellenten Richterbericht !
June 25th 2011
Hashirin´s Inshallah Seven Times
11.06.2011 Siek Hoisdorf; V1 VDH Res CAC; Judge/Richter Herr vom Lehn

28.05.2011 DK Otterup; Judge/Richter Herr Blümel
V1 CAC Cert Beste Hündin
June 18th 2011
We celebrate today the 10th birthday of our Khayif litter / breeder Eva Mackowiak,
sired by M.Ch Hashirin´s Anshyn and out of Korelec Yucatan Indrani.
"Savy" Khayif Seven Signs of Aramis, "Rocky" BIS M.CH Khayif Spick n Span,
"Hanny" Khayif Sooty Angel and "Sassy" Khayif Sassy Cherise.
In our Hearts we are celebrating with "Patty" Khayif Samba Pa Ti,
"Oskar" Stroke of Genius, and "Sally" Khayif Soleil d´Amour, too.
! Je Ne Regrette Rien !
June 21th 2011
We learned today that Hashirin´s Baghira passed away in her owners arms on June 19th 2011
Thank you for 12 1/2 years best care to Family Orth !
June 19th 2011
Hashirin´s Khalida "Cally" changed place to Family Merz and
met her best friend ever, the great Dane "Krümmel"
June 3rd 2011
Our I-Litter celebrate their 4th birthday: Maggy, Gracie, Kira, Dartannya, Roger, Mexx !
May 7th 2011



BIS 3, BOB, CAC von Hashirin´s Karman Ghia
(MCh. Boxadan Master Millenium x Hashirin´s Gia, Nothing Else)
in Eilenburg und das ganze "ownerhandled"
BIS 3 Frau Piesik, BOB und CAC Frau Schröter
Schöner Start, herzliche Glückwünsche an Rosi Sommerer

May 7th 2011

Happy Easter from Hanny - Khayif Sooty Angel - running free at east-sea

April 24th 2011

Karman Ghia / ex1 VDH unter judge Mr. Dr. György Tesics - Hungary at Dresden
! heartfelt congratulations !

April 24th 2011

Daruma´s Schweiz
Janani wurde Mutter - 3 Rüden /
creme-selfmask, rot mit Maske, platin/sable mit Maske
und 5 Hündinnen /
weiss, creme-selfmask und rot mit Maske
! Die besten Wünsche für die Züchter Heidi und Iren Rohrer und die Hundemutti samt Kinderschar !

April 16th 2011

Gracie gewinnt in Dänemark ex1 CK, CAC, BOB und BIG 4
! Herzliche Glückwünsche !

April 3rd 2011

Schwarzenfeld: Richter Herr Münstermann
Rüden Jugendklasse V2 Hashirin´s Khan Khedive
Hündinnen Zwischenklasse V1 Hashirin´s Karman Ghia
Großenaspe: Richter Herr Richter
Hündinnen Offene Klasse V3 Hashirin´s Inshallah Seven Times
Rüden Veteranenklasse V2 Hashirin´s Borneo
! Herzliche Glückwünsche !

April 2nd 2011
March 29th 2011
Xaga´s Severus Snape

Hashirin´s Jamil Aben Khayif wurde am 26. März Vater im Lady Nightshades Kennel
Wir wünschen der
Mama und ihrer Fußballmannschaft alles Gute !

March 26th 2011
Sabu December 17th 1997 - March 12th 2011
March 12th 2011
Khan Khedive "Rusty" gewinnt aus der Jugendklasse das BOB in Offenburg !
March 12th 2011
Karman Ghia ist umgezogen nach Schönwald !
March 12th 2011
Neue Bilder Karman Ghia, Khalifa und Kijimea ! Die Mädels sind 15 Monate alt !
March 1st 2011
Hashirin´s Jamil Aben Khayif wird Ende März Vater im Lady Nightshades Kennel
Wir wünschen der künftigen Mama alles Gute !
March 1st 2011
Matrix May 31st 2003 - January 31st 2011
January 31st 2011
Como April 1st 2004 - January 26th 2011
January 26th 2011

wir waren auf der CAC-show in Nürnberg, Richter Herr Baumann:
we entered the CAC-show in Nürnberg, judge Mr. Baumann:
ex 3 Intermediate class dogs for XAGA´S Severus Snape
ex 2 open class bitches res.CAC Hashirin´s Imagine Seven Veils

January 16th 2011
January 01st 2011
Headstudy Hashirin´s Kaan Kareem mit 14 Monaten
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