Lumpi the Dachshound

How the story began......

Tell, the German Sheppard


In 1987 we got our first afghanhound "Sasha" out of a shelter in our city. He was so poor and his weight was around 33 pounds and they expected him to die of starvation. We took him home and he did not want to eat himself at all because he was griefing for his first owner. He was so weak, that he could not walk one step by his own. No wonder that I took the beefsoup with rice encluding the beef which was ready for the humans meal that Sunday, put it alltogether in the mixer and feed him with injections in his mouth. Our vet came over and said, the chance is very little that he will survive the next 3 days and gave him medicine. But he survived !!! Half year later he was at 55 pounds and he lived with us for 2 years and got into our hearts more than we ever expected before. Sasha died in my arms when he was about 8 years by cancer in 1990.
In April 1991 we looked around for a black female puppy, but none was available so we got our first red puppy, named "Cala-Mir vom Mandelberg" and we called her "Kimba". She is sired by Husain von Katwiga and through her we get contact to his owners, the Jankowski Family.
In December 1994 we looked for a black puppy again and that time we got "Arjuna´s Hajantji".
We have not been happy a long time with Hajantji as her breeder did not give her back to us after our holiday in Februar 1996. We had to fight for her to get her back with the help of a laywer, but were not successfull at all.
In those times of sorrow my husband and I decided, to breed by our own.
I named the kennel "Hashirin", which means in arabian language:

"Hashirin" --- my beauties, my beloved ----

In Februar 1996 we aquiered from the Kennel "Saidal" of Mrs. Ulla Mager and Ulrike Jankowski our foundation-bitch "Saidal Driftin`Heart". She was 2 1/2 years old and sired by "Husain von Katwiga", same as our Kimba. She was breed in Summer 1996 to Macho - "Ch. Before I Forget El Saidal" and Driftin got her first litter 3/5 all black and tan on October 17th 1996.
Out of that litter my couisn Karin Steiber got her first dog: "Hashirin´s Anshyn". Karin enjoyed the smell of the show-scene and her dog became our shootingstar and first homebreed champion.
I kept "Ashyma and Ashay".
During 97 and 98 Harald Blechmann watched Anshyn with great interest, if he bring out all he promissed and what we expected of him and so we stayed contact. He told me in Summer 1998, that he will import a dog from USA which is "Ch. Buena Vista Padparadscha O´Boanne" called Macho. Driftin was breed to him when Macho arrived here for his visit in Europe. Again the stud-dog at Hashirin was called Macho. Driftin got her second litter 5/4 in November 24th 1998. Nice colours as sable, red, and creme came to Hashirin by Macho.
Out of that litter Karin got her second puppy "Hashirin´s Beau Reve".
Ulrike Jankowski and Husain could not resist to"Hashirin´s Believe" and made him their choise.

Grandkid Hashirin´s Believe at 7 mos. and
Grandpa Ch. Husain von Katwiga at 13 years

I kept Bonaparte and Begum Sati .
After all this happened, Macho sired a litter in USA at Yucatan/Korelec. I loved Macho and mother of the litter was Yucaan Korelec Imari, daugther of my most favorit dog "Yucatan Koroelec IXION". Harald helped us again to arrange to get our beloved Allie "Korelec Yucatan Firelight".
In Fall 1999 we asked Harald again to help us, as he is the only owner of semen from "Ch. Jorogz´ Heartbreaker" here in Europe. And we were proud to get it.
We breed Hashirin´s Ashyma to Jorogz´ Heartbreaker but unfortunately she resorbed.
In Spring 2000 we took Saidal Driftin Heart and do AI with Heartbreaker again -she resorbed also.
In Fall 2000 again we took Hashirin´s Ashyma but this time we choise "Ch. Jorogz´ Sweet Cheeks" she did not take either..
In January 2001 Bonaparte was breed in the french Kennel Koulangar to Jezabelle de Koulangar - In March he sired there3/4 puppies - blond and black+tan.
In Spring 2001 Hashirin´s Bhagwati was breed to Yucatan Korelec Savitar (Ch. Jorogz´ Heartbreaker x Yucatan Korelec Estancia) -she also did not take.
In April 2001 Hashirin´s Anshyn was breed to Korelec Yucatan Indrani in the french Kennel Khayif. - 2/5 Puppies- 1 Black+tan and 6 blond
In May 2001 Bonaparte was breed in the german Kennel Pachacumac (owned by breeder-t judge Ursula Schulze) to Ceres Pachacumac - 2/6 Puppies- 2 red and 6 black+tan
In August 2001 Bonaparte was breed in the french Kennel Koulangar to Judy Foster Koulangar - 5 puppies- all blond

As of this date, the kennel Hashirin can look at 5 homebreed Champions out of two litters:
Multi-Ch. Hashirin´Anshyn
Ch. Hashirin´s Ashay
Ch. Hashirin´s Assam
Ch. Hashirin´s Bonaparte
Ch. Hashirin´s Believe

A Breeder/Judge with a long time experience asked me quiete a while ago what my aims in
breeding are, I could not answer then, but today I say:

Breeding Afghans, which carry and show the aristocracy and the noblesse of their ancestors linies.

I follow that way, carefully listen to that what another old english breeder said:

If you can not beat a dog in the ring with yours, increase him to your pedigree.

We say thank you to all your friends but especially to:
Amara and Harald Blechmann / El Aramis
Ulla Mager / Saidal
Ulrike and Volker Jankowski
Carol and Robert Penta / Yucatan
Kathy Korelec / Korelec
Karin and Gerda Steiber and Wolfgang Weber
my uncle Jakob Steiber and
my father Willi Steiber

There help was essential to us..

We wish all our friends and the dogs they own all the best for the future in the new Millenium and to all the dogs in the world, that they found judges, which have clear eyes, sharp mind and incorruptible heart......................
Maybe just a beautiful dream or in french:
une "Beau Reve"

Julika und Gerhard Ehret